Top YouTube Channels for Motivation and Productivity

Motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.-Late Zig Ziglar 

WARNING:- Aggressive post, Losers stay away!

If you are still reading this, you are on the path to be a winner. And winners don’t QUIT.

So, how bad do you want to SUCCEED? Do you want it as bad as you want to breathe? Leave all your stuff behind- Partying, fooling around, that basketball game on TV and whatever excuses you had which stopped you from performing. Focus and work on your habits because that’s how you will succeed. And for help, stretch out to a YouTube channel. Yes, you have heard it right. YouTube isn’t just for funny videos, silly prank invasions or drooling over Kardashian’s butt. They may relax you for a while but they do no good. So stop lurking around the Youtube just for fun.

Get a daily dose of motivation from these channels which I have pinned down. Practice their ideas and you will see the change in yourself.

Absolute Motivation

As the name says, this channel offers thought-provoking concepts in the form of a mash up and remixed videos. Absolute Motivation was launched on February 7, 2014, with the vision of building a better life. The channel currently has 1,033,492 subscribers. The channel is loaded up with amazing videos of speeches from great athletes, celebrities and entertainers. So, if you want your quick dose of inspiration (you say in 4 to 5 minutes), subscribe Absolute Motivation.

Basquiat Picasso

Again one of the best places to find mashup videos. Basquiat Picasso offers inspiring videos that lead you towards finding solutions for your problems rather than making excuses.  My favorite from the collection is “Stop Whining, Start Grinding”. The channel has got an ever-expanding video collection which definitely makes it a must subscribe channel.

Be Inspired

Want to get inspired by revolutionary speakers like Les Brown, ET (Eric Thomas), CT Fletcher, Ray Lewis, and Will Smith, stay inspired by Be Inspired! The channel is comparatively a new channel (launched in 2015) but in this short span it has reached out to many people due to its quality content. See its growing number of subscribers (5million+ subscribers). Try some of these videos- Psychology of High Achievers, It’s Up To You and Impossible Is Nothing.


Etthehiphoppreacher is the channel by my favorite speaker ET (Eric Thomas). Eric Thomas speaks with a great passion for self-development. My favorite videos include Greatness is Upon You and What’s your why?. He is an entrepreneur, a youth activist, a motivational preacher and an educator.

Mateusz M

Mateusz M is a big fish in the league. With its massive count of 183 million+ views, it is one of the best inspirational YouTube channels. Its awesome collection of videos includes Contenders, The Greatest- Muhammad Ali, Unbroken, etc.

Google for motivational videos and you will find Mateusz M’s videos in the search results. These all peculiarities endorse Mateusz M and gives it a must-see tag. I mean just have a look at the massive number of views the channel has: 257,311,942

CT Fletcher

His journey from a legendary powerlifter to a chronic heart patient and coming back, life has transformed Mr. Fletcher as an ignited speaker. You can look upon his channel for inspiration while facing real-life situations. His channel has got more than 1 million subscribers.

Noah Elkrief

Suffering from breakups, anxiety, procrastination and other issues of life, Noah Elkrief is there for you. The channel deals and guides you through some real-life scenarios and help to be in love with yourself. He has a unique method of getting deep into issues and describing the solutions (which are quick and long-lasting) in the most practical way possible. He advises his viewers to end suffering and focus on inner peace.

Tedx Talks

The best thing I love about Tedx Talks is real people talking and sharing their experiences on a global platform. From innovation to self-improvement, you can watch Tedx Talks for everything. You can check out their videos like Change Your Life and Breath. You should certainly give it a try and I’m sure that you will enjoy the experience.

Life Without Limbs

One more channel which will always remain on my favorite list. Nick Vujicic, the founder of the channel “Life Without Limbs”, is a miracle in himself. He suffers from tetra-amelia syndrome which means that he is born without limbs. But he has accepted the reality like a warrior and has since then been living as an inspiration to millions around the world. He teaches you how to be thankful in your life and love yourself no matter what happens to you. This man can literally bring tears to your eyes. You can also see him talk at Overcoming Hopelessness-Tedx Talks and Never Give Up.

With more than 7 crore views and 874,962 subscribers, provides solutions related to self-improvement in the form of tutorials on how to make your lives extraordinary. The channel concentrates on the capabilities of the brain and believes in methods to exercise your brain. You will enjoy the videos and as the tagline says- you will be able to master your psychology.

London Business School

Founded in the year 2008 with a vision of impacting business on a global level, London Business School’s channel has been able to inspire and impart wisdom to many people. You can find many dignitaries talking about the philosophy of modern business. Even if you are a non-business person, you can get motivated to progress in your niche by watching its videos.

School Of Life

One more YouTube channel which offers thought-provoking videos, no matter what topic it would relate to. The highlight of the School of life is its versatility with videos. The channel hosts videos ranging from romanticism to capitalism. In nutshell, it tells you everything about emotional education which you have never been taught in regular schools. Moreover, it owns 12 physical campuses all over the world, a blog called “book of life” and an online shop. You find good and versatile videos on this channel.

Fight Mediocrity

Just one line for Fight Mediocrity– I love it. It was founded in 2014 with a notion to fight mediocre lifestyle by rejuvenating your life with big and better ideas. The channel (which has 10 million+ subscribers), thus transforms some of the most inspiring books in the world into interesting animations so that you can get the essence of the book in a short time. I personally find the concept very interesting and hence am a big fan of this channel. Go for it Amigos and fight your mediocrity.

Charisma On Command

Interaction with others holds a very important position in people’s lives and Charisma On Command helps you to be more confident and charismatic. It teaches you to be yourself and still be likable to others. The channel acknowledges the role of relationships in human lives, so if you want to convert yourself into a better social animal, you should go for Charisma On Command.

Number of Subscribers- 839,413

Productivity Game

Being productive is not about being capable of doing more things than others but finding an innovative and simplified way to do perform complex tasks. Productivity Game works on mindsets and introduces healthy habits and helps you practice them daily.  The channel weekly interprets books related to productivity and displays useful insights in the form of whiteboard videos. Isn’t that amazing!

Well, that’s all folks. These awe-inspiring channels will find you the self-improve ‘you’. They will keep you motivated and take you to a personal development journey. Now, if you find this list useful or if you think that I have missed your favorite channel, talk to me in the comments below.
Stay inspired and be an inspiration to others!

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