Top Google Docs and Spreadsheets Add-Ons To Make Your Life Easier

Can you imagine a modern workplace functioning without Spreadsheets and Word Processors?
Well, I can’t and while talking about these basic office applications, we cannot ignore Google Docs and Google Sheets. Furthermore, it comes with a brigade of add-Ons. In case, if you haven’t noticed the option, it is between Table and Help tabs.

Here is an effort to help you save some time by bringing the most fruitful add-Ons for Google Sheets and Google Docs.

Add-Ons for Google Docs

1. Lucid Chart

I am not good at designing. But, Lucidchart makes it very simple to create shareable designs (diagrams, charts, and graphs) and make me feel happy about my design skills (which I actually do not have).

With the help of LucidChart, now you can make and include more beautiful designs into Google Docs.

2. HelloSign

HelloSign makes it very convenient for you to add signatures in Google docs. You can also request signatures from others and it takes no time to add the signature in your document. Hence, adios to the tradition of printing, signing and scanning your documents. Just add your signature to the doc and convert it into a PDF.

3. HelloFax

HelloFax is the modern fax machine software that can send faxes through your Google Doc to 70 different countries globally. All you need to do is:

  • Add fax number
  • Fill the cover sheet
  • Click send

4. EasyBib

Do you want to create a bibliography of your sources without leaving your Google Doc screen? Well, EasyBib can help you out. Enter the URLs or titles of your resources and it will cite your sources. If you desire the opportunity of using different citation styles like Chicago, APA or MLA in Google Docs, you will love this add-on.

5. for Google Docs for Google Docs is an amazing add-on as it directly pushes your content to your WordPress blog with all its pomp and glory (keeps formatting and images intact).
Hence, no more use of WordPress visual editor to format content, no more losing images when getting uploaded and no more wasting time to optimize images.

6. DocSecrets

Do you tend to hide secrets in your docs? If yes, you can try out DocSecrets for the purpose. DocSecrets keeps your secrets safe through the AES encryption method. The secrets are highlighted via different colors and only you are permitted to decrypt them. You can easily insert, modify and disclose secrets and give permissions to your collaborators to edit your document. DocSecrets automatically clears the sidebar after use.

7. Twitter Curator

It can be termed as the Storify for Google Docs. Twitter Curator helps you to take care of your tweets via your Google Docs. Journalists, brand managers, and web publishers use the tool to save tweets about news events, brand mentions, and trending hashtags.

Add-ons for Google Sheets

1. autoCrat

autoCrat helps you to take down the data from your Google Sheet to your document through a template. You can tell autoCrat about the fields you want to merge through <<merge tags>>and it will mass create personalized documents for you.

2. Data Everywhere

With Data Everywhere, you can easily distribute data among various applications like Google Sheets, Salesforce, Excel and even your local database. So, don’t allow the great Google-Microsoft debate hinder your performance, just use Data Everywhere to share:P.

3. Mapping Sheets

Mapping Sheets provides an awesome merger of Google maps and Google Sheets where Google maps will help you to create a personal map according to your inputs in Sheets. Just put the name and address of locations in different columns and the add-on will think up a map for you.

4. Mail Merge with Attachments

Mail Merge with Attachments is a great Google Sheet add-on for sending personalized emails from your Gmail account by including attachments to every person on your list. You need to write an email and save it in your drafts. The tool automatically grabs the template and sends personalized emails to the people listed in your Google Sheets. You can also track and schedule your emails.

5. Twitter Archiver

Track responses about your campaign from Twitter through Twitter Archiver. Save geo-tagged tweets, brand mentions, conference tweets, tweets related to trending hashtags. Search for a hashtag or a query in Twitter Archiver, tweets related to the search keyword would be automatically saved in Google Sheets. It surveys Twitter hourly and extracts matching tweets into Google Sheets.

6. Remove Duplicates

You can easily search the duplicate data in your spreadsheet through Remove Duplicates. There are two wizards including in the extension. The first wizard will guide you to the process of deleting duplicate data from your tables, columns or rows and the second wizard will give a view of duplicate data from different tables, columns or rows. Version 1.2 and 1.6 (fixed all the bugs) are available in the web store.


Thinking of turning a website content into a list or a table? is your perfect partner for the task. Just enter the link you want to view as a list, will do the job for you. You can even edit the list and obtain the data you need.
The software comes at a price of $249 monthly (50k queries per month) but users can try it for free (10k queries monthly).

Google Docs and Google Sheets are known to add new extensions or functionalities constantly. So, if you do not find your favorite add-ons presently in chrome store right now, wait for some time and you will see them soon added to the chrome family. That’s the beauty of these applications and moreover, you are welcome to develop your own extensions as well (if you belong to the development niche). 🙂

Which add-on did impress you the most? Did I miss any important ones? Please share your feedback in the comments below.

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